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lecture 11 04 - Lecture 11/04/10 What is the song and...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 11/04/10 What is the song and question of the invisible man?- What do i do to be so black and blue? Louis Armstrong What is the subject of the song? Theme? What are some of the contents?- Blues hurting. Difficulty and the pain experience- Dark skin means hes treated a certain way. - How he sees himself, double consciousness o Not only being seeing by white America, pre-dominantly, yes, but being seen by his peers, creating of who he is Narrative of one mans journey of ignorance, resistance to the self-demand of others- Finding a sense of who he is for himself- Challenge: man coming out of a basement was not radical enough for the next generation- But in 1952, the complexity that Ellision shows through invisible man shows- Move away from Richard Wright, environment shapes and defines the future- Instead, one individual can play a role. There is a role in society of invisible man can play- Possible to be more than a puppet, possible to be more than a figment of someones imagination Essential Themes- Invisibility/hypervisibility o Contradictions that exists o Figments of their own imagination, not seeing his true self- Sight/blindness- Dreaming and awakening Being a young black man- Richness that later people talk about Invisibility/Hypervisiblity- Stereotype: I know that, Im familiar of that Sight and Blindness- Encountering a visionary- Pointing to other peoples blindness- He has awakenings from realizing the blindness of others or himself Dreaming and Awakening-...
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lecture 11 04 - Lecture 11/04/10 What is the song and...

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