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Splits and Significant Outgrowths In 1897, during the Morris Administration, a group of National Baptist pastors left the convention and formed the Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention . The separation was centered on two issues: the location of the foreign mission board and greater cooperation with White Baptists. Though not characterized as a split, it is worth noting that a licensed Baptist preacher from a Baptist Association in Arkansas named Charles Mason, would in 1907 form an organization called the Church Of God In Christ . It is now one of America's largest Pentecostal Denominations. The second split, also during Morris' Presidency, came in 1915 over ownership and operation of the Publishing Board. Of all of the agencies of the convention, the Publishing Board was the most successful, under the leadership of R. H. Boyd. Leaders and pastors of the Convention became suspicious of the actions of the Publishing Board when they did not receive the reports they thought the convention ought. A debate ensued concerning the ownership and those who supported Boyd and his view that the Board was independent of the Convention formed the National Baptist Convention of America. It became known as the Unincorporated Convention (now National Baptist Convention of America, Inc. ). Because of the question of incorporation, leaders who remained in the original Convention led a movement to incorporate the Convention. The Constitution was amended in 1916 and the convention was later incorporated, naming itself the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. It was during the Jackson tenure that a third split occurred in the Convention. The two key issues were tenure and the lack of support of the civil rights movement. Gardner C. Taylor of New York challenged Jackson for the Presidency, but lost. After the election, a group led by L. Venchael Booth, formed a new Convention at the Zion Baptist Church, Cincinnati, Ohio in 1961, calling itself the Progressive National Baptist Convention . In 1992 a fellowship was formed within the convention by Paul S. Morton of New Orleans, Louisiana. The organization was named the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship . This organization's focus was on spiritual gifts, speaking in tongues , prophecy, exclamatory worship , etc. The leadership of this fellowship later separated completely from the Convention.
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The Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention was a movement by African American Baptist from the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. who wanted to see more missions to Africa in the 1890s. The group eventually separated from the 'Mother Church' in 1897 because of disputes concerning the mission board as well as greater cooperation with White Baptist. Lott Carey
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Baptist Presentation Notes - here aer Notes for a...

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