03-2 - Histogram processing

03-2 - Histogram processing - Histogram processing...

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4/28/2008 1 Histogram processing Spring 2008 ELEN 4304/5365 DIP 1 by Gleb V. Tcheslavski: [email protected] Preliminaries The histogram of a digital image with intensity levels in the range [0, L 1] is a discrete function ( ) k k h r n = k th intensity value Number of pixels in the image with intensity r k Histograms are frequently normalized by the total number of pixels in the image. Assuming a M x N image, a normalized histogram Spring 2008 ELEN 4304/5365 DIP 2 ( ) , 0,1,... 1 k k n p r k L MN = = is related to probability of occurrence of r k in the image
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