08-1 - Image compression

08-1 - Image compression - Image compression compression...

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4/28/2008 1 Image compression Image compression fundamentals Spring 2008 ELEN 4304/5365 DIP 1 by Gleb V. Tcheslavski: [email protected] Preliminaries Image compression – reducing or eliminating of redundant or irrelevant information – is one of the most used techniques in the field of image processing. Considering a two-hour standard definition (SD) TV movie that we need to store digitally… A digital movie (video) is a sequence of video frames, which are full-color digital still images. The standard rate for an NTSC video is close to 30 fps (frames per second), therefore, the bit rate required for SD video is 30 (720 480) 3 31,104,000 / sec bytes = Spring 2008 ELEN 4304/5365 DIP 2 Image resolution Frame rate Pixel depth And a storage requirement for a two-hour movie would be 11 31,104,000 60 60 2 2.24 10 bytes
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