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IEG3310hw3 with solution - IEG 3310 2nd semester 2009...

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IEG 3310, 2 nd semester 2009 Homework 3 Due on Noon, 13 th April (Monday), 2009 Every Student MUST include the following statement, together with his/her signature in the submitted homework. I understand the University guidelines on academic honesty as shown in the webpage and I agree to comply with the guidelines. I declare that I do not plagiarize or cheat in any way that violates the spirit of the guidelines. I understand the severity of disciplinary action should the guidelines be violated. Signed (Student_____________________) Date: __________________________
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Question 1 List three types of switching fabrics? Switching via memory; switching via a bus; switching via an interconnection network Question 2 Please answer the following questions on the Internet Protocol (IP) and its implementation. (a) What is the service model of the Internet Protocol? Why do you think that IP has chosen this service model? Solution:The service model is best e f ort delivery. This service model was chosen to reduce complexity in the core of the network where processing resources and memory/state are scare. Additionally, reliability is not needed for every packet in the Internet. Therefore, following the end-to-end argument and resource scarcity, reliability was implemented at the end hosts. (b) How does the IP protocol ensure that a routing loop can never cause a packet to exist in the
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IEG3310hw3 with solution - IEG 3310 2nd semester 2009...

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