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Unformatted text preview: wer services Some e.g. simple error detection, no flow control, and no retransmission e.g. lightweight transport layer lightweight Transport layer (contd.) Postal system Postal doesn t have a transport layer doesn have implemented, if at all, by customers implemented, detect lost letters (how?) and retransmit them detect Internet Internet two popular protocols are TCP and UDP two TCP provides error control, flow control, multiplexing TCP UDP provides only multiplexing UDP Session layer Not common in practice Not Provides full-duplex service, expedited data delivery, and session Provides full-duplex and session synchronization Grouping together and Coordinating between Multiple Related Transport Grouping connections of a “Call” : e.g. For your MSN communication session, you may have: A connection for text messaging A connection for VoIP A connection for Video Conference s picture picture Another data connection for shared Whiteboard Duplex Duplex if transport layer is simplex, concatenates two transport endpoints together if Expedited data delivery Expedited allows some messages to skip ahead in end-system queues, by using a separate allows low-delay transport layer endpoint Synchronization Synchronization allows users to place marks in data stream and to roll back to a pre-specified allows mark Example Postal network Postal suppose a company has separate shipping and receiving clerks suppose chief clerk can manage both to provide abstraction of a duplex chief servi...
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