Only best effort service can asynchronous transfer

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Unformatted text preview: ver anything, but only best-effort service can Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networks Asynchronous Virtual circuit based packet (or cell) networks Virtual Transport layer Network provides a raw end-to-end service Network raw end-to-end Transport layer creates the abstraction of an error-controlled, Transport error-controlled flow-controlled and multiplexed end-to-end link and multiplexed end-to-end Error control Error message will reach destination despite packet loss, corruption and message duplication retransmit lost packets; detect, discard, and retransmit corrupted retransmit packets; detect and discard duplicated packets Flow control Flow match transmission rat to rate currently sustainable on the path to match destination, and at the destination itself Like the Network Layer, the Transport Layer can also support Like connection-oriented or connectionless services or connectionless services Transport layer (contd.) Multiplexes multiple applications to the same end-to-end Multiplexes connection adds an application-specific identifier (port number) so that adds so receiving end-system can hand in incoming packet to the correct application Some transport layers provide fe...
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