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Some messages using a courier chief expedited service

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Unformatted text preview: ce chief clerk may also send some messages using a courier chief (expedited service) chief clerk can arrange to have a set of messages either delivered chief all at once, or not at all Internet Internet doesn t have a standard session layer doesn have Presentation layer Unlike other layers which deal with headers presentation layer Unlike headers presentation touches the application data Hides data representation differences between applications Hides e.g. endian-ness e.g. endian-ness Can also encrypt data Can Usually ad hoc Usually ad Postal network Postal translator translates contents before giving it to chief clerk translator Internet Internet no standard presentation layer no only defines network byte order for 2- and 4-byte integers only Application layer The set of applications that use the network The Doesn t provide services to any other layer Doesn provide Postal network Postal the person who uses the postal system the suppose manager wants to send a set of recall letters suppose translator translates letters going abroad translator chief clerk sends some priority mail, and some by regular mail chief mail clerk sends a message, retransmits if not acked mail postal system computes a route and forwards the letters postal datalink layer: letters carried by planes, trains, automobiles datalink physical layer: the letter itself physical ISO/OSI reference model presentation: allow applications to presentation: inte...
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