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PSL_310_Online_Syllabus_Fall_2010 (1) - It is the...

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1 It is the responsibility of all PSL 310 Online students to read and understand this entire Syllabus. Questions may be posted on the ANGEL Discussion Forum in Lessons titled “ Questions about the Syllabus or the Course?” PSL 310 Online (Section 730) Fall Semester 2010 Physiology for Pre-Health Professionals Professor Dr. Adele Denison Phone 884-5067 (feel free to call) Office 2228D Biomedical and Physical Sciences (BPS) Email [email protected] Office Hours Tues and Wed 4:15-6:00 and gladly other times by appointment Exams On campus proctored exams required at 6:00 – 6:50 pm in 1281 ANH (Anthony Hall) * Tutors Students interested in finding a tutor can contact Dr. Denison for ideas *IMPORTANT: above is the correct exam location, the exam room has been changed from the room in the Schedule of Courses; exam room for the Unit 5 Exam will be posted in ANGEL in the Unit 5 Materials folder. TA David Bergman, Fall 2009 PSL 310 student Reviews optional weekly reviews with the TA, Wednesdays 7:00 - 8:00 pm in 1415 BPS Office Hours arranged by email [email protected] Because it is so important for doing well in the class, “Tips for Success” are listed first; the most common mistakes of previous PSL 310 students are listed near the top. Tips for Success 1. One of the biggest mistakes students have made is to treat the Homework as only an assignment and not as an important LEARNING requirement. ALSO, YOU SHOULD NOT IGNORE ANSWERS TO THE HOMEWORK posted on ANGEL in the Homework folder after the Homework submission deadline. ANSWERS to the Homework contain NEW material that students are responsible for on exams (another mistake that has been made). Important message: you should work through and understand the Homework, including the textbook readings assigned with the Homework, and read and understand the ANSWERS to the Homework (all are fair game for exams) . Because many students have missed this - if you do not do the Homework the way it is intended for you to do, that is, working through each question yourself and learning the material in the Homework questions and ANSWERS to the Homework, you will be severely punished on exams. Of course, there are ways to get the answers to the Homework without doing it yourself (getting the answers from a friend, for example) and you will receive the small number of points from the Homework assignment. However, if you use the strategy of submitting but not actually doing the Homework, YOU WILL LOSE A LARGE NUMBER OF POINTS ON EXAMS BECAUSE YOU DID NOT WORK THROUGH THE HOMEWORK AND UNDERSTAND IT. Working though the Homework makes it much easier to understand and remember the ANSWERS to the Homework (again, which you are also responsible for on exams). All students should get all points on the Homework (you will have unlimited tries), so if you start soon enough on the Homework you should get 100%. You will learn much more if you get the points the right way and you will get not only the Homework points but it should also help you do well on Exams, which have much larger weight in the course. 2.
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PSL_310_Online_Syllabus_Fall_2010 (1) - It is the...

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