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Study Guide for Ch 8 - StudyGuideforCh89 War of 1812...

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Study Guide for Ch 8-9 War of 1812 Results: higher tariffs, internal improvement, western expansion, eco growth, bank off America re- chartered Bank of the United States After It was reinstated it could not forbid the states form making their own money but its money trumped the states money. Expired in 1811 Textile industry Congress wants to push manufacturing, driving the textile mills. So they pass a tariff protecting local businessmen. The tariff said that if you purchased an American good you would pay less taxes than you would if you bought a domestically paid product. Transportation They had steamboats, but the problems with them were they were slow and exploded. So they started building internal transportation. The Government financed the building of roads by using money made from public land sales. Madison decides maybe we should have a constitutional amendment saying the Congress can build a road. With new roads and transportation people are expanding westward expansion The native Americans :One of the ways the government tried to appease natives they sold them things at cost (no tax). It also drove Canadians out of trade. It created a dependency on United States. Old South (agriculture, economy) They started building plantations. In the South we have more problems. Election laws favored planters and politicians. They also limited the influence of Western lands so wouldn't interfere with their right to vote. Slaves were not considered to be citizens, and had no legal or political rights. No right to vote, free Africans could vote some places in the North but not many. Southwest (agriculture, economy) John Jacob Astor/ Fur Companies John Jacob Astor has a built the American fur Co.(AFC) He made an empire on the American Fur Co. then he sold it to the Northwest fur company (NFC), and makes even more money. Stephen H. Long The Gov. send Stephen H. Long to go out and chart the area. He reports on its potential of having no potential at all, and calls it the great American desert. The US calls it unusable; undesirable . His views echoed those of Zebulon Pike's Virginia Dynasty Washington= Washington Adams= Adams Journeys= Jefferson to Make= Madison a Menes= Monroe with Jackson- Andrew Jackson “era of good feelings”
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In Monroe's good will tour he was accepted everywhere . federalist decreased to none (one party government). Surge of national pride Adams-Onis Treaty , Then we have the compromise Adam Onis treaty where Spain gave all the of Florida to the US in 1819 . Spain gave all the land south of the 42 parallel . In return the American government and gave up claims in Texas Panic of 1819 A serious economic crisis it followed a period of high foreign demand of American farm goods, and of exceptionally high prices for American farmers. It stimulated a land boom. First there was easy credit, and then the banks tightened the credit, called in loans, and foreclosed mortgages. So then the banks failed and there was financial panic and then years of depression followed. Missouri Compromise
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Study Guide for Ch 8 - StudyGuideforCh89 War of 1812...

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