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War of 1812 Bank of the United States textile industry transportation westward expansion Old South (agriculture, economy) Southwest (agriculture, economy) John Jacob Astor Fur Companies Stephen H. Long Virginia Dynasty “era of good feelings” Adams-Onis Treaty, Panic of 1819 Missouri Compromise John Marshall Fletcher v. Peck Dartmouth College v. Woodward McCulloch v. Maryland Gibbons v. Ogden Monroe Doctrine Political parties Caucus system John Quincy Adams Panama conference William McIntosh Tariff of 1828
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Unformatted text preview: Election of 1828 “Era of the Common Man” “Tariff of Abominations” “Corrupt Bargain” Mexican Independence Zebulon Pike Missouri crisis of 1819 Cohens v Virginia Worchester v Georgia Andrew Jackson Indian territory Trail of Tears second Bank of the United States Henry Clay Martin Van Buren William Henry Harrison Thomas Dorr John Eaton Roger Taney Nicholas Biddle John Tyler Bucktails Whigs Loco-focos Anti-Masons Nullification Crisis and John C. Calhoun...
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