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Biol211 online quiz4 - Lecture Quiz 4 MULTIPLE CHOICE...

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Lecture Quiz 4 MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) In his work with pneumonia - causing bacteria and mice, Griffith found that 1) A) some substance from pathogenic cells was transferred to nonpathogenic cells, making them pathogenic. B) heat - killed pathogenic cells caused pneumonia. C) the polysaccharide coat of bacteria caused pneumonia. D) bacteriophages injected DNA into bacteria. E) the protein coat from pathogenic cells was able to transform nonpathogenic cells. 2) The spontaneous loss of amino groups from adenine results in hypoxanthine, an uncommon base, opposite thymine in DNA. What combination of molecules could repair such damage? 2) A) telomerase, helicase, single - strand binding protein B) DNA ligase, replication fork proteins, adenylyl cyclase C) nuclease, telomerase, primase D) telomerase, primase, DNA polymerase E) nuclease, DNA polymerase, DNA ligase 3) In his transformation experiments, what did Griffith observe? 3) A) Mixing a heat - killed pathogenic strain of bacteria with a living nonpathogenic strain can convert some of the living cells into the pathogenic form. B) Mice infected with a pathogenic strain of bacteria can spread the infection to other mice. C) Infecting mice with nonpathogenic strains of bacteria makes them resistant to pathogenic strains. D) Mutant mice were resistant to bacterial infections. E) Mixing a heat - killed nonpathogenic strain of bacteria with a living pathogenic strain makes the pathogenic strain nonpathogenic. 4) Cytosine makes up 38% of the nucleotides in a sample of DNA from an organism. Approximately what percentage of the nucleotides in this sample will be thymine? 4) A) 38 B) 31 C) 24 D) 12 E) It cannot be determined from the information provided. 5) What is the function of DNA polymerase I?
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Biol211 online quiz4 - Lecture Quiz 4 MULTIPLE CHOICE...

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