essay 1 - [Title The United States is globally conceived as...

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[Title] The United States is globally conceived as a place of self expression and individualism. Thanks to James Madison and the United States Constitution's first amendment, citizens of the United States hold the right to vocalize their thoughts and opinions freely, and worship as they please. Civil rights in the United States ensure equality to minorities, regardless of their race, gender, religion, age, or sexual orientation. Individuals' physical integrity and safety are also protected by these civil rights. Not all countries offer the desirable rights found in the United States democracy, so it's no wonder that people emigrated, and continue to emigrate, from all parts of the world to create the cultural melting pot in which we live. The issue with our cultural melting pot is the conflicting values of its residents. People of different cultures carry different perspectives of 'right' and 'wrong'; behavior which may be perfectly acceptable in one country may be looked down upon, or even illegal, in another. In a time where political correctness is so emphasized in the United States, we can get too wrapped up in nationally-encouraged cultural relativism to criticize international civil problems, such as female circumcision in Africa and the molesting of boys in Afghanistan. Cruel acts, traditional or not, that are harmful and unnecessary to human beings, should not be tolerated in any part of the world; unfortunately, it is just impractical to believe that establishing a set of universal ethical values is possible because of the conflicting values and beliefs between cultures. Niqabs, the traditional veiled gowns worn by Muslim women, stirred up cultural dispute in Britain back in 2007. In an article in the New York Times, columnist Jane Perlez informed readers that people of Britain were disturbed by the black outfit that only exposes the eyes of whom it clothes; consequently,
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essay 1 - [Title The United States is globally conceived as...

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