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This whole article on open golf championship odds is talking about the probability that Tiger Woods will win the Open Championship and estimating the possible results. Now for the estimations that are shown, the article is saying that Tiger has the most probable chance at winning this title for the third consecutive year at St. Andrews. They base their opinions and reasoning off previous years’ championship outcomes and how every individual is playing so far this year. Now, Tiger has had a bad year but they are still betting that he has the best odds of winning the title this year. Probability wise, I think they are being overconfident considering that the reasoning they are using is based on the fact that he has won a couple years in a row. But after the incidents he has been having in his personal life, his head has not been in the game so he has not had a solid outcome from any previous tournaments in the past year. Therefore, their estimation is not very reliable or consistent. There is not really enough given information to find the mean of anything in this article,
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