Notes - Section 4 Yellow Submarine Early 1968 – beatles...

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Unformatted text preview: Section 4 Yellow Submarine Early 1968 – beatles mediate in India 1968 – yellow submarine film released Yellow submarine album released (in early 69’) In early 1968 the 11 track “magical mystery tour” comes out, suplimented with 6 songs used in the film. George Harrison begins writing a score for his own project, entitled wander wall. Apple core ltd open offices in London by January 22 and by February, Ringo Starr guest stars on Cila for Cila black and artists that apple core was producing. And Paul writes a song for her, the theme song called “step inside love.” On February 15 th the Harrison’s and the Lennon’s fly to India to study meditation with Maharishi and mashakish. Paul, Jane Asher, Ringo and Marine join them. Ringo becomes bored and complains of the food and returns to London quite quickly. The rest of the group departs after the maharishi’s reportedly making advances to actress Mia Ferrel. Though some say this could just be a rumor and others say it wasn’t Mia Ferrel that the maharishis were interested in for more than just spiritual activated, but it was Mia’s sister Prudence, hence the song “dear prudence.” Being in India was good for the beatles, it was a place where they wrote quite a bit of material, had some time to meditate, relax and think and they came back refreshed and ready to go. The yellow submarine project – they actually started as early as august of 66’ with the yellow submarine single, featured as the B side of elenor rigby and on the revolver album. Then in June of 67’ sergeant pepper comes out. By the ball of 67’ some more songs for yellow submarine come out, but the beatles put it in the can as we say. Then the beatles are off to India in early 68’ then in late 68’ their next single we’ll look at in more detail, “lady madana” and “hey jude.” Then by july of 68’ the yellow submarine film was released, by December of 68’ the white album was released and finally by January of 69’ the yellow submarine album was released. One writer says about the yellow submarine album that it was undoubtably the weakest of all the beatles albums. Consisting of George martin orchistrations for half of the album and only four new beatles songs “all together now” “only a northern song” “hey bulldog” “its all too much” In the UK it does well, it goes to number 3 and the white album at the time goes to number 1. In America it goes to number 2 for a week and as I mentioned the recording started in 66’ but mainly 67’ into 68’. George martin describes this problem in this way, “as we recorded songs for future albums the beatles would try out some little bit of nonsense or something at the end of a session and as long as it worked moderately well they would say welp that’s good enough for the film, let them have it.” So the film scrapped the bottom of the beatle barrel as far as the material was concerned and in this case the film being yellow submarine. George material was concerned and in this case the film being yellow submarine....
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Notes - Section 4 Yellow Submarine Early 1968 – beatles...

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