Club_IT_Part_I[1] - Club IT 1 Club IT Part 1 1 A downtown...

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Club IT 1 1 Club IT Part 1 A downtown music venue has been a favorite hangout for those who love and enjoy the beats of music while meeting old friends and making new friends. A place like Club IT is one among the organizations venturing in this business. The business owners, , Ruben Keys and Liza Tejada possessed experience-based nightclub operations and good knowledge in business management principles gained through college education. Both have shown interest in improving their music night club business. The company records showed good business potentials but the lack of IT applications apparently caused the increase in club’s cost of operations and decreased tremendously the company’s potential net profits. Club IT has stated its mission to offer live music, DJ’s, dance space and refreshment suited to lifestyle of its clients. The club aimed to build community out of its clienteles who come in the club regularly. Club IT guarantees enjoyment and satisfaction to anyone who comes to the club which makes it easier to build a clientele community. It offers the best selection of hip hop, techno, and electronica beats either through MP3 play list or live band performances. The entertainments offered by Club IT has made the place attractive to many clients looking for fun and socialization. The Club has made intranet resources available which provide brief information about the organization. Aside from music and dance floor where the clients can enjoy, the club has booths, tables, and bar where clients can
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Club_IT_Part_I[1] - Club IT 1 Club IT Part 1 1 A downtown...

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