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What is society like today group assignment part

What is society like today group assignment part - What is...

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What is society like today? Generally, social class refers to a difference between groups and individual that differs from one society to another society or within one particular society. Most people believe that the American society is divided in to three classes poor, middle and rich. But the society is mainly diverse by culturally and economically. There are five major category of American society today. They are Upper class: People with the top hierarchy, and with a great power over the allocation of resources. Upper middle class: People with the higher status of middle class. Upper middle class consist of well- educated people with graduate degree with comfortable personal income. Lower middle class: Lower middle class is a sub-division of middle class which constitute larger socio- economic class. It refers to those with college education only with lack of job resources, and personal income. Working class: Working class people refer to very low personal income. This class refers to those people employed in lower tier jobs as measured by their skills, education and compensation.
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