physical harm on 2 class society

physical harm on 2 class society - ability to improve their...

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The two class society consists of the working class (lower class), who has to work in order to earn a living and the capitalist class (upper class) who has sufficient wealth in which to live. As part of physical harmfulness, the working class people have more impact than the capitalist class, especially affecting the adults of a working class people. As in the students have to work along with their study in order to get their allowance and helping out their parents. They have to struggle balancing work and study, such that they don’t get enough time to study. Stress is another aspect of physical harm. Some students with their schooling and work cannot handle both simultaneously. Stress can overtax their ability to adjust, affect our moods, thoughts, and mentality, impairing our ability to feel pleasure in life. When harm is felt by someone in the working class, it affects their motivation to earn a living for their family as well as affects their
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Unformatted text preview: ability to improve their status in society. Often times the working class people are taken advantage of by the capitalist class. For example, a wealthy businessman may force a working class citizen to take on a false bribe, or sign a contract forfeiting their current wealth. On the other way of capitalist class people also have their own lever of stress in their day to day life. As a business owner, they must make important decisions affecting their own livelihood. One false business move can affect their wealth and status in the society and bring them possibly down to working class. Capitalist class must live with the fear that they could possibly lose the wealth in their company or their own. Many times this fear can negatively affect their health as well as their ability to sleep at night....
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