Assignment # 1 (Profile)

Assignment # 1 (Profile) - Physical Therapy. Marketing is...

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September, 02 2010 Assignment # 1 Profile and Organization Chart Name: Naiya Amin Course Number: 3240*01WE Telephone Number: 732 322 1878 Status: Senior Number of hours you work: 30 – 40 hours a week Job Description: Name of the Company: Healing Joints Physical Therapy, Edison, NJ 08820 What does the Company do: Help people heal their pain by giving a proper treatment as in Massage, Electric Stimulation, Ultrasound, Traction and Therapeutic Exercises. What do you do at work: I represent a roll of a half owner of the business as well as the Office manager. Basically I do all the important aspect of the business and play a roll of a Manager. I run the payroll for my employees, I also do marketing for my business, for example going to physicians office and introducing ourselves as a physical therapy and try to convince them to send all their patients who really need
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Unformatted text preview: Physical Therapy. Marketing is one of the important aspect of the Medical field. I also handle making of contract with adult day care center to help their clients to heal their pain. I also do medical billing and follow up with the claims that have not been paid till 30 days from the date we submit the claims. I also handle Accounts Payable for example, paying off all the outstanding bills of our vendors. Accounts Receivable is also very important aspect of a business and I take responsibility of it and try to follow up by pulling out the aging report of our patients. I am also responsible for internal auditing of my company in the middile of the year. I also hire employees and trained them in their own field. I also try to implement cost cutting strategies....
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Assignment # 1 (Profile) - Physical Therapy. Marketing is...

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