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History is something I believe we all should know. We should know the history of every single thing we connected to us. I am not talking about only about country, but I am talking about our friends, family, neighbors, co-workers as well as the area that we live in. in the beginning I was thinking, history is just a theoretical subject, and by being an accounting major student I didn’t like the history at all. But after reading all the documents and watching videos, I feel like I know some of the most important facts of America today. This course also helped me out a lot in my citizenship interview. I had my citizenship interview on November, 15 th 2010, and the book that I was given to study for the interview was full of the question of the Constitution, Bill of rights, Declaration of Independence. Also the question that when was the Declaration of Independence was written has been asked to me, and I was very confident about the
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Unformatted text preview: answer as I have already wrote on that in my assignment. I believe that history of a person is very important in day to day life, as I wouldn’t be able to know that person very well unless and until I know his history. By knowing their history I think we can understand them very well as in how they would be thinking of the matters, how they would react on certain things etc. Henry Ford thinks that we should live in present, which I totally agree to, but we should have also learned things from past. In general we should live in present but we should consider our past as well. For example, if we consider our past, then we would not make any mistakes that we have done in past by us. Finally, I would say history is not bunk, and I am very glad that the education system has made this course as a requirement towards graduation....
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