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Assignment # 3 - for my citizenship interview there was one...

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This is my second time watching this movie. Although I have watched it before, I did see the movie again, because it the one of my favorite movie that can help you out making out people’s behavior. I do believe that whatever scenes have been played in this movie is incredible. The entire scene have the truth in somewhere as of today’s life in America. Racism and stereotypes is one of the biggest issues in America. People don’t think what they are saying and for whom? After 9/11, I do know that people don’t even talk to any of the Muslims at all, even in school students who are the future of America believe that we should not talk to any of the Muslim without knowing anything about them. You cannot blame the whole religion just because of some people. The real example I can share is, when I went for a fingerprint
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Unformatted text preview: for my citizenship interview, there was one Muslim family with me. She was having her fingerprint right next to me and the person who was taking her fingerprint was not even looking at her or guiding her to do next. The best scene I think of this movie is when the white man saved the black man saying that he is my best friend, and letting him go. And the scary scene of this movie is when a daughter saved his father by being shouted. I also want to share one real story about a person who got caught by FBI just because he was a Muslim, and been treated as a criminal for whole one year. There was movie came out in INDIA named “New York” on this issue. On an all I believe that we are the futures of America and we should stop this Racism so that we would have better America in future than today....
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