Assignment # 4

Assignment # 4 - I have never read the speech I HAVE A...

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Unformatted text preview: I have never read the speech I HAVE A DREAM by Dr. Martin Luther King. Infect, I was not even aware of it that he had give this kind of speech in his time. I am so grateful that I got chance to read the speech and write on it. After I finish reading, I feel like every person who lives in America doesnt matter if they are American or not should read the speech and try to make his dream come true. This assignment is really very interesting after the last assignment on movie Crash. It is moreover an answer and a solution I believe that Dr. King has given almost 47 years ago. I have responded that still there are some racisms and stereotypes going on in our country in my last assignment. I am saying this because I have seen racisms going on. After 9/11 attack, peoples overview on Muslims has totally changed, which is still going on. I am an Indian and when I came to United States (8 years ago) I have seen people ignoring me by my color in school and neighborhood. People including teachers who were very friendly to white me by my color in school and neighborhood....
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