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On March 4 th 1861, Abraham Lincoln came up with his first inaugural speech, which was clearly said that although Lincoln totally opposes the slavery, he does not want to interfere in slavery. During the Civil War Lincoln brought the nationalism, equal rights, liberty and democracy back to its place. He also freed the southern states so they can come to the North and help fighting in Civil War, which was a political decision I believe but it is good for nation only. He added the 13 th amendment to the Constitution stating freedom from slavery. In his second inaugural speech, he has mentioned that the reason of Civil War is slavery itself. I am not surprise because what he has done is good for the nation only. Who don’t want freedom from slavery? I appreciate his effort in making this amendment successful as at his time it is very hard to make people understand if you don’t have any supporters. The other reason because I am not
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Unformatted text preview: surprise is, Lincoln opposed the slavery from the beginning although he has mentioned that he don’t want to interfere. A person who is opposing about a matter, cannot just sit and watch, he will go ahead and oppose of it. For example, if I oppose my brother to drive my car, and if he drives someday, off course I am going to oppose of it. This is just a simple example although very true. At the end what they want to be free from slavery, just equal right, reasonable salary? It is their right to get it. In my country India, we have servants to do our regular daily work as is washing dishes, washing clothes, cleaning house etc. for which they do get paid as well as food to eat, clothes to wear and sometimes shelves to live. I am glad that people get free from slavery as of today....
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