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Assignment # 7 - I did not vote in last election because I...

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I did not vote in last election because I was not an US citizen during that time, but will be voting in next election. I think people who can vote, they should vote. I believe that it’s a big advantage that we got chance to choose our own president to run our country. I think voting is both right and duty because to choose our own president to run our country is our right and to choose a right person is our duty. Even if the person you vote did not win, that doesn’t mean that you stop voting from next time, you should feel satisfaction that you tried at least to give the best person to our country. There are lot many people who don’t vote even if they are allowed to vote. And when something will affect them directly or indirectly, they will speak up on government. I don’t think they have right to do that, because they don’t care for their own country then why should country cares for them. In first reading of Candy Stanton, she had come up with voice saying women should have the equal right as men does, which is absolutely right. A
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