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Assignment # 8

Assignment # 8 - many other big problems are going on for...

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September 11 th was the huge tragedy to United States and that led us into a war with Osama Bin Laden in Iraq. The war in Iraq has caused 40,000 lives of Americans so far. In my personal opinion, I would say we should just stop fighting and call our soldiers back. It’s been a long time that we have tried to rid of their dictatorship and turn their government system to democracy, but nothing has worked so far. We are just loosing lives of innocent Americans as well as soldiers from Iraq who might not have any connection to 911 attack. Why to lose lives of innocent people. As per Osama Bin Laden’s speech, he started feeling of hurting America in “1982 when America permitted the Israelis to invade Lebanon and the American 6th fleet helped them in that”. So far America is been a very helpful country and that only makes it in trouble. Personally, I would say not America should stop helping Iraq and focus on its own as we have lot
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Unformatted text preview: many other big problems are going on for example, recession. Why to help other country when we have problems of our own, and that also when they don’t need your help? We have been spending lot many money behind this war, I would rather think of spending in the country itself and make the country that it should be, recession free. We should call our overseas soldiers back and finish up this war as there is no point of it. Other countries like China has taking advantage of this and going ahead in every matter they can, for example in job market, education etc. At this point, we should only focusing on improving our job market and let other countries do what they want to. If other countries need help and only if they asks for it, than only we should go ahead and help them out but not in case of future harm to our country....
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