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Exam 3 focus - operant conditioning stimlulus before...

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Exam 30 questions 10/10/10 Focus: Major topics Gestalt Whose name associated with (Fritz Perls) How Gestalt therapy conceptualizes problems reintegrating parts of self that have become split so that balance can occur Awareness Polarities Contact Boundaries Support system Interjection putting others peoples thought as your own Projection how you view youself on others Retrojection bringing outside problems to yourself Confluence “peeling the onion” layers Phony, Phobic, Impasse, Implosion, Explosion Behavior therapy Learning theory and behavior therapy changing dysfunctional behavior Classical conditioning stimulus plus response
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Unformatted text preview: operant conditioning stimlulus before, response after Systematic desensitization/ flooding/ in vivo (KEY TERMS) CBT ABC theory Activating an event, belief, behavior consequence ABCDEF theory ABC plus, intervention, effective new philosophy. new feeling Ellis (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy), Beck (Cognitive Therapy). Mickenbaum (Stress inoculation therapy) WDEP (Wants, Directions/doing, evaluating, planning) ACT (Acceptance and commitment therapy Flexibility in interpretation of behaviors Solution FocusedTherapy Taking one solution at a time (small) to change behavior)...
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