Exam 2 Quotes - CH. 12 2. An individuals experience of the...

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CH. 12 2. “An individual’s experience of the world --- the physical world, the world of thoughts and ideas, and the interpersonal world --- can be described directly, without the use of abstract concepts that refer to interpersonal processes or entities (such as repression, the id, the superego or drive).” 3. “Anxiety is more than a form of psychopathology. One form of anxiety, existential anxiety, involves an individual’s confrontation with the possibility of nonbeing, the possibility of being engulfed by a meaningless life.” 9. “The idea of this approach (existential phenomenological psychology) was to ‘get back to the experience’ itself.” 22. “Only a human can be self-conscious. Self-consciousness permits the person to transcend the immediate, concrete situation, to live in terms of the possible, and to use abstractions …” 28. “May observed, … there are those patients… who confront the fact of their illness. They reflect on the meaning of their lives and try to understand what was wrong with their way of living before their illness. These patients use the illness as a means to new self-knowledge and self-discipline.” 35. “During the years since May’s death, there has been a continuing interest in existential phenomenological psychology. At least one doctoral program, at Duquesne University, is committed to this approach. It is also emphasized at the Saybrook Institute and by some scholars scattered throughout the United States and Europe.” 36. “…the past decade has shown an increase in the acceptance of the value of qualitative psychological research. Much of this research is in the
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Exam 2 Quotes - CH. 12 2. An individuals experience of the...

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