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Jessica Mueller 10/15/10 Discussion Bitter Harvest Chapter 8 Important on the hacendados: Education Instilling of good Christian values Hacendados = “institutions of socialization” (pg. 176) Water use??? Pg. 178 Employment provided and hacendados paying less taxes (supposedly) It backfired on them: they had too much sugar (prices down) and peasantry was changed to a large waged labor force and they could not pay them anymore. No protection from the law
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Unformatted text preview: jefe politico Key question “Why was there relative social tranquility during the twenty years when one would expect the opposite?” Peace through sugar industry (absorbing people of displacement) As soon as this fails Revolution Election = means of expression years of anger/frustration the people had Is this true today still? We fight for elections and to be heard Does the true point of it all really matter?...
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