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Jessica Mueller 9/3/10 Discussion Questions The Countryside in Colonial Latin America Why a story-telling way of getting across facts (as stated by author) of “material life”. o The murder? Individuality (then) vs homogeny (now) o In materials People had to hand make things, therefore nothing was the same (and factories make things now; there is a code to uniformity) o Home vs House People in the past saw a home as the people that made it up; now people see a house as belongings and wealth (loans mean more, etc) Tortilla/Food-making o Why the details in how the tortillas was made?? Main point was to show what the main meal back then was “Bread and Water”
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Unformatted text preview: supposed prison meal; back then it was manioc/rice and banana (not much better) Maize-centered diets lacking nutrients/vitamins (DISEASE) • Clothing o Interesting that an easy difference between Indian and non-Indian was seen in clothing. Colonial Lives: Documents on Latin American History (1550-1850) • Interesting subject choice Sex? • Document like reading a thrilling novel • He is an Indian Racial bias?? o Equivalent if a black person raped a white women during Jim Crow laws • …”And let her be warned to live decently or marry” Quick switch at the end o Was she the outcast or him?...
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