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Jessica Mueller 10/1/10 Discussion Chapter 3. Hart Ironic that the US was seen as a “social utopia” to the Mexican Liberals (they clearly overlooked slavery) o Attempt at laissez-faire government o Stupidly turned back on Spain to imitate US the goals of US and Mexico were opposite along with the ideals Equality not a good thing (Mexicans believed) o Wanted to treat Indians “like children” o Indians lacked civilization although their hunting and gathering ways are what stimulated/influenced agriculture? Racism of white elites on indigenous people Liberalism “blamed” for giving rural areas support (work) Everyday Life Impact of the War WAR o Bandits first time we are hearing of these types of men (in multiple places) Soldiers who were once country men, and who do not want to go
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Unformatted text preview: back to that life so they go around stealing, etc. o Politics intertwined in everyday life o War= large flow of people, especially WOMEN ??? (not seeking marriage or employment though) o Loss of men women allowed to start working • Food clothing and shelter o “For most Mexicans the fabric of everyday life, the food they ate, the housing that sheltered them, and the clothing that covered them, remained much the same throughout these tumultuous decades” (Wasserman, 142). Actual fashion coming through Rich ate good food • Countryside o Growth of commercialization continued Altered the landscape • Entertainment: o Going to mass (church) Along with drinking and gambling does not fit together....
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