Exam 3 - Mexican Revolution (1910-1940) 20/10/2010 12:24:00...

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Unformatted text preview: Mexican Revolution (1910-1940) 20/10/2010 12:24:00 Pofiriato Madero Huerta (leadership) Opposition to Diaz (late 19 th century) Three bother of a particular family known as Flores Magon brothers o started opposition newspaper (arrested) by jefe politico o After realeased form prison organized a group with a mission of overthrowing Diaz Wanted : cicvil liberties, controlling jefe politico (who were using military order), secularization of education Plan went much further death penalty, public education (free education program, what we have here in the US), abolition of company stores, prohibitions against child labor Governmernt should sieze unused land and distribute to small farmers Very ratical program Events of first decade (20th century) Cananea Consolidated strike (June) o Equal pay for equal work being argued over (because Us was getting paid more than Mexicans) o Mexican workers wanted access to technical and managerial positions that were only reserved for US employees (want raises, etc o Wages & hours were also an issue Rio Blanco incident Creelman interview with Diaz 1910 election Francisco Madero Spring of this time o Madero toured for anti re-electionist party Nov 20, 1910 the revolution begins (after Plan de San Luis Potosi ) Attacks on police installations Diaz responded by sending military to put down the incident of the opposition May 1911 provisional government in Juarez Treaty signed to step down in a months time Diaz departs May 1911 (he agreed to resign and went into exile into Europe) MAderos program Plan of Ayala the Zapatistas Zapata split with Madero over the issue of land reform (not quite a year later) 1912 Zapatistas seem to be winning o Another mishap broke out in Monterrey (great industrial capitol) o Bernardo Reyes starts a revolt in Monterrey (right wing conservative; end political unrest Both left and right ends are not combining forces from very different polarized positions to attack Madero forces. Hard to pinpoint where movement of Orozco is on political spectrum (backed by one of the most wealthy people) Orozcos Plan plan of social reform of a ten-hour day; restrictions on child labor (platform of Flores brothers); better working conditions/higher wages, nationalization of RR (Mexican government take over), agrarian reform Wants radical left-wing things Decena tragica Maderos general trade sides o March on national palace Reyes killed immediately o Rebels from right established themselves in army arsenal...
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Exam 3 - Mexican Revolution (1910-1940) 20/10/2010 12:24:00...

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