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michelle Literacy History - Michelle Biedenbach Literary...

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Michelle Biedenbach August 30, 2010 Literary History As far back as I can remember, reading was never easy for me. My mother is a teacher and, she knows the importance of reading, as she enjoys it herself. However, I have never shared with her a love for reading. One of the first pieces of literature I can remember my mom reading to me is Aesop’s Fables. I enjoyed my mom reading to me, although I struggled with reading independently. During elementary school, I attended a small Catholic school composed of 30 students per grade. Because the school I attended was so small, I had the opportunity to participate in extra small group tutoring sessions for reading. I remember struggling immensely in my first few years of school. I can also specifically remember having to leave class frequently in order to work with a reading specialist and in an attempt to improve my reading abilities. Having to leave class was not only embarrassing, but it was also extremely frustrating. I did not understand why I had to leave so much for extra help. This lead to the ill will I feel towards reading for pleasure. I never wanted do partake in any reading outside what my teacher assigned
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michelle Literacy History - Michelle Biedenbach Literary...

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