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ENST 105 --Soil and Environmental Quality Terms to Review for Material Covered on the First Hour Exam Soil Roles in Ecosystem Plant medium- shoots and roots. Water supply/quality Habitat Waste recycling Engineering Global warming and C cycling Soil Components, % volume: Air 25 Water25 Mineral matter45 Organic matter5 Physical Soil Properties: Aggregates Peds ? Pedon ? Profile Texture- % sand silt clay Loam Structure-particles group together (aggregate) Colors- t Waterlogging Infiltration Water holding capacity Saturated flow Unsaturated flow Soil chemical properties: Clays – high and low activity Cation exchange capacity (CEC) Acidity (pH) Redox Reduced Oxidized Aerobic vs. Anaerobic ? Salinity- dissolved salts Sodium Salts and irrigation/drainage Cations- positive attractions Anions? Leaching ? Nutrient cycling? Plant nutrient elements from soil, air and water Soil organisms: macro and micro ecosystem engineers termites ants mites springtails nematodes bacteria fungi actinomycetes- antibiotics Aerobic and anaerobic
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