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Important Concepts and Glossary Terms: Acculturation – modification of culture through contact with another culture Appropriation – to make use of other cultural characteristics, can be with or without permission Authenticity – being truthful to one’s own lived experience Collaboration – a partnership between two artists Colonialism – domination by a foreign minority, which asserts racial and cultural superiority over a native majority deemed inferior Commercialization – to make someone or something economically viable and marketable Commodification – the act of turning something into product Culturally constructed – a group’s shared understanding of a concept or idea Culture – a people’s way of life, learned or transmitted through the centuries of adapting to the natural and human world Diaspora – dispersion of an originally homogenous people. Retain a collective memory, vision, or myth about homeland. Believe they are not fully accepted by their host country. Regard ancestral homeland as the ideal home. Committed to the maintenance and security of homeland. Continue to relate to homeland. African diaspora and celtic diaspora. Efficacy – the ability of something to produce an intended effect Ethnic group – people who believe themselves to have a shared historical past Ethnography of musical performance – musical performances affords us a point of entry for understanding how people achieve what they want within their own environment, how they act out their assumptions about each other, and how they challenge authority Ethnoscape – “landscape” of persons composed of stable and mixed groups as people move and interact throughout the world Exploitation – the borrowing or stealing of musical materials without giving credit to its owners Genba – in Japanese rap. Means actual site. 1990s clubs where hip-hop musicians would play. Break dancing occurs at these places.
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Globalization – intensification of worldwide networks contributing to the spread of information and cultures globally at an intense rate Glocalization – the interaction of both the local nad global music scenes. Often used in describing the Japanese hip-hop scene Hegemony – the predominant influence of a political or cultural force over another Heterogeneity – made up of elements that differ Hidden transcripts – messages embedded in musical performances and repertoires through metaphorical or coded terms Hybridity – combination of different musical types Ideological icon – an enduring symbol or representation of a particular ideology Individual identity – the personality of an individual regarded as a persistent entity Mega events – large musical events whose purpose is to bring together popular musicians to both raise funds for and bring awareness to important social and/or political issues. Important outlets for artist activism and consciousness raising on a massive scale. Bob
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MUET200-study+guide-1 - Important Concepts and Glossary...

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