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Investment Clubs Manual014 - Q Do I need a lot of money A...

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Unformatted text preview: Q Do I need a lot of money? A No. far from it. It is Important that each club sets its subscription level in accordance with the wishes of Its members. Some operate on as little as £10 a month. Some clubs might decide to set an Inltial lump sum payment at formation of maybe £100 to enable the club to make its first investment quickly, then a monthly subscription of something around £50 per member per month. It is up to the individual club. Some clubs allow each member to pay different monthly subscriptions according to their means and this is not a problem if the treasurer is happy with the slight increase In his workload. Q I already Invest In the stock market. What are the advantages of onnIng an Investment club? A Many members of investment clubs have their own private portfolios - one does not preclude the other - and they believe club membership makes them better Investors by increasing their contacts and their‘Circle of Competence‘. The prime advantages of a club are: . The pooling of knowledge and using other members to bounce your ideas and theories off. - Pooled resources giving a wider and hopefully a safer spread of Investments. Look upon It as a do-It-yourself unit trust without management charges. For many people, the amount which can be put aside to invest each month ls insufficient to build up a well-balanced portfolio. When a number of peoplejoin together, the amount becomes worthwhile and charges such as stockbrokers’ fees become proportionately less. - The social aspect of sharing ups and downs often proves to be the key factor. Most club members will tell you: ”We take it seriously - but it’s great fun!’ October 2008 ProShare Investment Club THE MANUAL ...
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