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CCNA -1 Introduction to Networking – Study Guide Module 1: Living in a Network-Centric World Questions Answers 1. In early data networks, what type of information was the only type exchanged between the connected computer systems? Character based information 2. What types of information can be carried between modern computer network devices? voice, video streams, text, and graphics 3. Identify 5 popular Internet communication tools. e-mail, Instant Messaging, Weblogs, Podcast and video 4. Define Instant Messaging. Real time communication between two or more parties via the internet using text 5. What is a Weblog? Pages that are easier to update and maintain than commercial websites. Because anyone can have one, there is probably a “blog” for every subject you could think of. 6. What is a Wiki? web pages that groups of people can edit and view together. Difference between this and weblog is that a wiki is accessible for change and update for many. 7. What is podcasting? Audio based medium that allows people to share their recordings with a worldwide audience 8. What are collaboration tools? Collaboration tools give people the opportunity to
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Ver._4_CCNA1_Module_1_study_guide - CCNA -1 Introduction to...

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