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MGT Textbook Exam 1 - Exam One Objectives from the...

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Exam One Objectives from the Textbook, MGMT 1. What is a team leader? (pp. 9-10) a. New kind of manager that is responsible for facilitating team activities toward accomplishing a goal. 2. What are the responsibilities of a team leader? (p. 10) a. There to help the team members plan and schedule work, solve problems, and work effectively to accomplish goal. Responsible for fostering good relationships and addressing problematic ones within teams, as well as fostering external relationships. 3. What are the top ten mistakes made by managers? (pp. 15-16) a. Insensitive to others by being abrasive or by bullying; being cold, aloof, or arrogant; betraying trust; being overly political and ambitious; being unable to delegate; being unable to build a team; being unable to staff effectively; being unable to transition well into a managerial role (micromanaging); treating subordinates as if they don’t matter; failing to admit mistakes 4. What are the stages in the transition to management and what happens at each stage? (pp. 17-18) a. Stage 1 Initial Expectations : be the boss, establish formal authority, manage
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MGT Textbook Exam 1 - Exam One Objectives from the...

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