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environmental wellness - November9,2010...

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Environmental Wellness All interaction between human beings and the environment  Within the last 30 years, we now understand that things that we put  in the air that cause pollution cause chronic disease like cancer,  heart disease Because of the speed of technological growth, we can now destroy  the environment a lot faster than the past  People are living longer, rapid population growth, more people  competing for environmental resources  Started in the 19 th  century  o Started to attempt to eliminate communicatable disease o An animal or insect that causes illness is called a vector   Systematic garbage collection, sewage treatment, water protection/ purification, food inspection, public health agencies o Evolved from those early discoveries  Things that will help protect environment     o 1.  Water   safety Pure water that is uncontaminated is essential for human  health  Our water does become contaminated so it must be cleaned  (3 part process)  Every city has their own water purification system 
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environmental wellness - November9,2010...

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