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trend analysis - Style 2: royal blue linen v-neck...

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TREND ANALYSIS Major Trend:  Classy and chic downtown vibe Colors:  grayish brown slate, dark navy blue, light navy blue, royal blue, light  brown, baby pink, olive green Color palette:   Style Details:   Style 1: braiding of different colored brown fabrics on the seam lines of the  shoulders Style 2: gold buttons Style 3: lace going down from the shoulder through the middle to the  bottom of the sleeve  Key Items: Style 1: grayish brown slate colored v-neck cotton crop top with bell  sleeves and braided sheer fabric at the shoulders; paired with linen dark  navy blue shorts with light navy blue pin stripes 
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Unformatted text preview: Style 2: royal blue linen v-neck sleeveless romper with gold buttons down the middle and light brown leather straps Style 3: olive green challis blouson above the knee dress with a scoop neckline and raglan sleeves with olive green lace going the middle of the sleeve, cut outs at the shoulder Fabric Trend: cotton, linen, tan, leather, and challis Fabric Print: most of everything is pretty much a solid print except for the pin stripes Fabric Pattern : Fabric Textures: soft and flowy textures that are good for spring...
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trend analysis - Style 2: royal blue linen v-neck...

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