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stopdemotivatingemployees - There are eight practices that...

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Julia Kahn Stop Demotivating Your Employees Summary When most people start working at a new job they are usually excited and enthusiastic about working at a new company. However, after surveying about 1.2 million employees, research has come to show that the employee’s moral and excitement drastically declines only after working for about six months. This decline is all because of the way management treats their employees. In order to maintain the enthusiasm of the employees, the manager must make sure to satisfy three goals: equity, achievement, and camaraderie. Management must make sure to meet all three of the goals, not just one. One of the most important things that a manager must present to an employee is a sense of security. If an employee feels as if they are at risk of losing their job or getting laid off, their moral will most definitely decline.
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Unformatted text preview: There are eight practices that managers are encouraged to use in order to keep employees excited to continue to work for their company. The first practice is to install an inspiring purpose. In doing so, it gives the employee’s a feeling of “reason for being there” that goes further than just earning money. Providing recognition is another practice that motivates employees. “Receiving recognition for achievements is one of the most fundamental human needs.” Make sure to coach your employees for improvement. This will make the employees believe that you are trying to encourage them to go over and beyond satisfactory performance. Promoting teamwork, communicating fully, facing up to poor performances, and a few other practices are other ways that managers can not only motivate their employees, but also most importantly, stop demotivating them....
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