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Exam4.4 - Chemistry 115 Exam 4_009B 19 Most chemical...

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Unformatted text preview: Chemistry 115: Exam 4_009B November 17, 2009 19. Most chemical reactions are carried out in one of two ways: I. in an open vessel at constant atmospheric pressure 11. in a closed vessel Which is true? P4957.” AH = q for condition I and AB = q for condition II AB = q for condition I and AH = q for condition II AH = w for condition I and AB = w for condition II AB = w for condition I and AH = w for condition 11 20. If AH for the first reaction is +566 kJ/mole, what is AH for the second reaction? hop-953‘ 21. [Bonus] If shaded and unshaded spheres represent atoms of different elements, which of the above drawings most likely represents an ionic compound at room temperature and a pressure of 1 atm? 5199‘!” 2 COz(g) —> 2CO(g) + 02(g) AH: 566 kJ/rnole CO (g) + 1/; 02(g) —> C02(g) AH= ? +1130 kJ/mole —566 kJ/mole —283 kJ/mole +283 kJ/mole —1130 kJ/mole drawing (a) drawing (b) drawing (c) drawing (d) w} (bit 7 I it: I (a; ...
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