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HOMEWORK NO. 3 CE 3400 – Introduction of Environmental Engineering Material Covered: Chapter 6 (REACTORS) in Vesilind et al., 2010 Due Date: Monday, 4 October 2010 at 1:10 PM All problems must be prepared on green engineering paper. PLEASE BE SURE YOUR NAME IS ON EACH PAGE OF YOUR HOMEWORK. Use the following model in setting up and solving problems: 1. Statement/Problem 2. Known values (i.e., information that is contained in the problem itself) 3. Any assumptions or approximations you may be making 4. Solution – clearly lay out your solution by identifying each step taken. This is also where you would include any equations you may be using! 5. Answer/Result – clearly identify your answer/result by drawing a box around the solution. 1. A CSTR is used to treat an industrial waste, using a reaction that destroys the pollutant according to first-order kinetics with k = 0.216 day -1 . The reactor volume is 500 m 3 , the volumetric flow rate of the single inlet and exit is 50 m 3 /day, and the
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