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HOMEWORK NO. 5 CE 3400 – Introduction of Environmental Engineering Material Covered: Ch 9 (Water Quality) in Vesilind et al., 2010 Due Date: Friday, 15 October 2010 at 1:10 PM All problems must be prepared on green engineering paper. PLEASE BE SURE YOUR NAME IS ON EACH PAGE OF YOUR HOMEWORK. 1. An analysis for BOD 5 needs to be run on a sample of wastewater. The BOD is expected to range from 50 to 350 mg/L, and the dilutions were prepared accordingly. In each case, a standard 300-mL BOD bottle is used. The data are listed below. Determine the BOD 5 and BOD u of this wastewater. Hint: Are there any results you should discard? If you were in class on Friday, 8 October, you know what this hint means.
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Unformatted text preview: Otherwise, consult your textbook. Bottle # Wastewater (mL) DO i (mg/L) DO 5 (mg/L) 1 20 8.9 0.75 2 10 9.1 2.5 3 5 9.2 5.8 4 2 9.2 8.9 2. This is Problem 9.11 in your textbook. If you dumped a half gallon of milk everyday into the Laramie River near the Greenbelt Trail as it passes under I-80, what would be your discharge in lb of BOD 5 per day? Assume that milk has a BOD 5 of ~20,000 mg/L. 3. This is Problem 9.2 in your textbook. If you had two bottles filled with lake water and kept one in the dark and the other in the light, what would you expect the dissolved oxygen in each bottle to be after a few days? Explain each result and include mention of any assumptions you make....
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