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CE 3400/Homework No. 1 Solutions/Fall 2010 SOLUTIONS Each question was worth one point. I realize that some problems required more time and effort than others, but over the semester, this will even out. I took away points only ‘gently’ on this homework. Please pay attention to any comments I may have written on your paper as I will expect those issues to be resolved next time. HOMEWORK NO. 1/Due: 1 September 2010 CE 3400 – Introduction of Environmental Engineering – Dr. P. Colberg Material Covered: Chapters 1 + 3 in Vesilind et al., 2010 1. List and describe the three general areas of expertise that an environmental engineer may pursue. Of these three job areas, identify which one is most interesting to you and why. Please answer this question even if you do NOT intend to be an environmental engineer! Water quality (water and wastewater treatment) Solid and hazardous waste (treatment and disposal) Air quality 2. Do you think the sustainability models that have been proposed (Cradle-to-Cradle, The Natural Step) have merit? In other words, do you think we can legitimately model ‘human industry’ and activities after natural ecosystems in order to solve environmental problems and prevent new ones from occurring? Why or why not? I don’t expect a 5-page essay, but please write enough so that I can follow your logic and understand your position. Various responses possible . . no right or wrong answers. In your response, I was looking for you to take a position on the issue (‘yes’ or ‘no’ to question), and then write about the ‘why or why not’ in a cogent fashion! 3. You are asked by your consulting firm to report the estimate for the construction of a new pilot- scale unit process to the manager of a nearby water treatment plant. Of the following values, which one should you give and why? $56,078.34 $56,078 $56,080 $56,000 You should give $56,000 because this is an ‘estimate’. The actual costs are currently unknown (e.g., costs could change over time), and for this large a number, more significant figures are not needed and are unlikely to be accurate. The point of an estimate is to given an approximate cost, often for planning purposes (see Section 3.2.2. in textbook). 4.
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SolutionsHW#1 - CE 3400/Homework No. 1 Solutions/Fall 2010...

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