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ES 2120 Exam 3 November 16, 2009 ________ 10 points Name: ______________________________________________________________________ 1) True/False Questions (2 points each). a. True or False : The translation of a rigid body is equivalent to a rotation about an infinitely distant axis. b. True or False : The angular velocity of a rigid body that undergoes plane motion depends on the reference line from which its angle of rotation is measured. c. True or False : When a wheel rolls on pavement, the instantaneous center of the wheel is located on the wheel axle. d. True or False : If the motion of a rigid body is a translation, the moment of the external forces about any axis is zero. e. True or False : The mass moment of inertia of a rigid body with respect to a reference axis is proportional to its mass and is a constant that is independent of the reference axis ________ 10 points 2) Using integration, verify that the mass moment of inertia of the rod about the xx- and yy- axes equal 1/12ml 2 . Using the parallel-axis theorem, verify that I x’x’ and I y’y’ equal 1/3ml 2 .
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