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GEOL_101_Exam IA - GEOL 101 Physical Geology Fall Semester...

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GEOL 101: Physical Geology Fall Semester 2010 Examination I Chose the best answer for each question using a No. 2 pencil and a No. 16485 (purple) scantron. Note that this test is written on both sides of the page. 1. An ………. . is a common boundary where different parts of a system come in contact and interact. A. interfase B. interface C. interphase 2. What rock type accumulates in layers at Earth’s surface? A. igneous B. sedimentary C. metamorphic 3. One of these pairs of rocks a good example of is an example of metamorphic rock. A. Marble and gneiss B. Limestone and sandstone C. Granite and diorite 4. Seafloor spreading hypothesis was proposed by A. James Hutton B. Alfred Wegner C. Harry Hess 5. Which of these sets of minerals is not an example of polymorphs? A. Gold and silver B. Diamond and graphite C. Calcite and aragonite 6. Quartz has an excellent cleavage. A. True B. False 7. Earthquakes occur at A. divergent plate boundaries. B. convergent plate boundaries. C. sliding (transform-fault) plate boundaries. D. A, B, and C 8. Deep-sea sediments are thinnest A. on mid-ocean spreading centers. B. in the Gulf of Mexico. C. in trenches. D. on continental shelves. 9. An atom's mass number is 13 and its atomic number is 6. How many neutrons are in its nucleus? A. 19 B. 7 C. 13 D. 6 10. James Hutton proposed A. Continental Drift. B. Geosynclinal Theory. C. Plate Tectonics. D. Uniformitarianism. 1
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11. Craton composed of A. shields and continent B. shields and stable platforms C. stable platforms and continent 12. The oldest seafloor in the world is A. 100 million years old. B. 300 million years old. C.
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GEOL_101_Exam IA - GEOL 101 Physical Geology Fall Semester...

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