GEOL_101_Exam IV

GEOL_101_Exam IV - GEOL 101 Physical Geology Fall 2010...

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GEOL 101: Physical Geology Fall 2010 Examination IV, November 9, 2010 Please mark your Scantron with the best answer for each question. Please ensure that the answer to each numbered question responds to the same number on the Scantron. 1. The radioactive isotopes uranium-238, uranium-235, and thorium-232 eventually decay to different, stable, daughter isotopes of ________. A. iron B. argon C. strontium D. lead 2. Which of the following is the longest-lived, radioactive isotope? A. U-238 B. K-40 C. Rb-87 D. C-14 3. Complex, invertebrate, life forms are common as fossils beginning with marine strata of Cambrian age. How long ago did the Cambrian period begin? A. 6 billion years B. 54 million years C. 540 million years D. 65.4 million years 4. Which of the following is an essential characteristic of an index fossil? A. the organism lived only in specific environments such as beaches or estuaries B. the organism only lived for a short period of geologic time C. the fossils are exceptionally abundant and well preserved D. the fossils occur in deep-water marine sediments, but the organism actually lived in the sunlit, surface layer of the ocean 5. At the beginning of fall season, rain falls in the Great Plains. The natural color of this rain is A. colorless B. blue C. white 6. What is the source of natural carbon-14? A. nuclear fission of the heavy, radioactive elements uranium and thorium B. fusion of hydrogen and helium in the Sun and eruption of solar flares C. leakage of radioactive gases from the liquid, outer core D. cosmic ray collisions and neutron-capture involving atmospheric nitrogen 7. Strata above an angular unconformity were tilted before the older strata were eroded. A.
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GEOL_101_Exam IV - GEOL 101 Physical Geology Fall 2010...

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