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GEOL_101_Exam V - GEOL 101: Physical Geology Fall Semester...

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GEOL 101: Physical Geology Fall Semester 2010 Examination V, December 2, 2010 1. ________ describes the total sediment load transported by a stream. A. Capacity B. Discharge C. Competence D. Hydro-load factor 2. At the head of a delta, the major channel splits into smaller channels that follow different paths to the sea. These smaller channels are known as ________. A. endotributaries B. exotributaries C. distributaries D. cotributaries 3. A ________ stream pattern is developed only on growing mountains like volcanoes or where the land surface is tectonically doming upward. A. radial B. dendritic C. boreal D. trellis 4. A ________ stream pattern develops on lands underlain by tilted or folded, alternating hard and soft, sedimentary strata. A. dendritic B. radial C. trellis D. boreal 5. ________ are components of the hydrologic cycle that release water vapor directly to the atmosphere. A. Runoff and infiltration B. Evaporation and transpiration C. Precipitation and runoff D. Discharge and transportation 6. The ________ river has the largest discharge and is agreed to be the longest of any in the world. A. Nile B. Mississippi C. Congo D. Amazon 7. Stream channels that are highly sinuous are called A. braided B. meandering C. dentritic D. straight 8. At the beginning of fall season, rain falls in the Great Plains. The natural color of this rain is A. white B. blue C. colorless 9. The dynamic equilibrium of a stream is controlled by all but one A. topography. B. streamflow C. climate. D. gravity. 1
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10. Braided stream pattern is a characteristic of streams that have A. high sediment loads and low flow velocities. B. high sediment loads and high flow velocities. C.
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GEOL_101_Exam V - GEOL 101: Physical Geology Fall Semester...

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