sm3_18 - PROBLEM 3.18 KNOWN: Dimensiuns and temperature...

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Unformatted text preview: PROBLEM 3.18 KNOWN: Dimensiuns and temperature Lita eanister containing a snlid oxide fuel cell. Surroundings and amhient temperature. FIND: [a] Required insulatiun LlllL‘liflL‘fir-I to keep the equit'alent hlElLJlleWULl}' temperature below 305 K. {hr Canister atlrlaee temperature 1hr l‘uLIr easea. ['ejt Heat the; through the eylindrieal ualla 1hr thur eases. SCI I I-'.l\'l.-’\'I'I(_': Th = 300%: mm Infrared detector Solid oxide '5: 1' fuel cell .-’\.‘~i."ll.|l\'ll"l'l()NS: [I] Steadjt -state Ut‘llltllllonfi. t2] (‘ottatant pr'npertieh‘. [3] tJne-dimenaimtal heat trans‘l‘er. t—l] Large yatrrutmtlinggzt. .-’\N.-’\LYSIS: I he maximum alhmahle Hurl‘aee temperature may he lhund ht relating the aetttal and inferred :surtitee temperaturefi through the relation . .4 .4 .. _. 4. .t.-'4 . . 1-.s=l.h=::scrlfi =filb or l5=tlhfilsl II! I he thermal eiretlit i): T_=298K Tm=3OIDK \‘. here. from l.-L]. |.'~J. _‘ .. “H3 “3' A“ hl. — 5.5m |S - Isurii ls - suri l;.| Summing; eurrentr: at the 1'5 nude yields (unlimited... PROBLEM 3.18 (Cont) _ If}: - = _-lh -Ilf _ -Il.\ul' . ll'llt': r] '1“ . | _‘ l ' I 391“. ' hlm'gl. I1,.3rtt'3|. “here |~. - l' q=—t I. m lllll'w ['11 2.1.5 l. Noting that the insulation thlllxllL‘Sfi i): L: I')_- 1'1. Rah ian1 J-Iqs. {2: and {3 J Rin‘ltllttitlL‘ULIEI}. and then Huh ing lit]. [—l 1 yields the lltllmt in}; results. [10“) 0.031“: [MN ('Lilhfi lHJllh [Mlllllh' lHJllh ('Llll5 -.t L.) L.) L.) L.) 5 -\ _5 La; '}| .__1 _ '1: .— ' ('(}l\ll\'IICN'I'.‘4: t | l Llse ul‘the lmt emia‘m [tjt Hurl‘uee [llltlll'r-I :tttt'l'ttee temperatures to be high uithuut the fuel eel] being; Lleteeted. [2 t l he high sttrl‘ttee temperature is. nut HEIlL‘ tn the tutteh. t3 jt l he low thermal CthttdLlL‘Ll\'lL}' nl‘the atemgel allmw the thte ol'a small insulation thickness I'elutixe tn the eatleium silicate. t—l] Small hent It‘JRSL‘fi and hm surlitue temperatures are desired. 'l he as = (W. Ii = HUN: LJIISL‘ anet'H the heat periht'manee. and the stlt'l‘nee need not he kept in :1 pal ished condition to ale detection. ...
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This note was uploaded on 12/07/2010 for the course MAE Heat Trans taught by Professor Lee,j.s. during the Spring '10 term at Seoul National.

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sm3_18 - PROBLEM 3.18 KNOWN: Dimensiuns and temperature...

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