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PROBLEM 4.8 KNOWN: Shape of objects at surface of semi-infinite medium. F IND: Shape factors between object at temperature T 1 and semi-infinite medium at temperature T 2 . SCHEMATIC: D T 2 T 1 D T 2 T 1 D T 2 T 1 (a) (b) (c) ASSUMPTIONS: (1) Steady-state, (2) Medium is semi-infinite, (3) Constant properties, (4) Surface of semi-infinite medium is adiabatic. ANALYSIS: Cases 12 -15 of Table 4.1 all pertain to objects buried in an infinite medium. Since they all possess symmetry about a horizontal plane that bisects the object, they are equivalent to the cases given in this problem for which the horizontal plane is adiabatic. In particular, the heat flux is the same for the cases of this problem as for the cases of Table 4.1. Note, that when we use Table 4.1 to determine the dimensionless conduction heat rate, , we must be consistent and use the surface area of the “entire” object of Table 4.1, not the “half” object of this problem.
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